Girls and Women of Afghanistan

artwork by Sahamsi Hassani

Please Help the Girls and Women of Afghanistan. The devastating crisis in Afghanistan is threatening the long-fought for rights and freedoms for Afghan women and girls. At this moment, millions of women and girls in Afghanistan are facing an uncertain future, and many of them who have been working to advance the rights of girls and women are fearing for their lives and their families lives.  Some will manage to find safety, most will not.  The Girls Rights Project expresses concern for and solidarity with the Afghan women and girls, and to all those who have worked so hard to advocate for their fundamental human rights.  We must all find ways to help the girls and women of Afghanistan in the days ahead, and press for continued efforts to secure ongoing rights within the country as well as aid for refugees. This crisis is evidence of why the work towards gender equality on a global scale is so critically important, and that much work remains to be done for all women and girls to live in peace and security.  Our President has denied responsibility for the girls and women of Afghanistan and the UN representative says she has written a press release in support of them.  It is unthinkable to me 20 years after the world was shocked by the treatment of Girls and women under the Taliban that our country, and the international community has not found better solidarity and clarity on how to handle such a crisis.  We are extremely shocked and disappointed at the current state of our diplomacy and policy.

Please consider giving to:

  • MADRE, helping to support endangered women
  • Afghan Institute of Learning
  • CARE
  • Global Giving’s campaign for Afghan Women and Girls