Who We Are

Stacey KeareThe Girls Rights Project (which was formerly the Keare/Hodge Family Foundation) has funded over $ 5 million in grants since 2001 to organizations addressing issues of health, education and human rights. As we developed our organization we were particularly drawn to issues that help girls live lives of autonomy, dignity, and hope. In our research we discovered that not many foundations focus on this set of issues and decided it would be the focus of our efforts. In 2012 we changed the name to Girls Rights Project and make small grants to non profits around the world and in the Bay Area that address the unique needs of girls. We are especially concentrated on making sure that all girls go to school, have physical autonomy, and are protected from a life of abuse, slavery, child marriage or trafficking.
Stacey Keare, the President of Girls Rights Project, studied international relations at Stanford University, has a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a law degree from Hastings College of the Law. She was a founding Board Member of Summit Public Schools, an organization creating progressive college prep charter schools in the Bay Area; was a Board Member and Past President of the Board of the San Mateo County Legal Aid Society. She is on the Silicon Valley Leadership Board of the Global Fund for Children, a D.C. based foundation that supports grassroots organizations helping children throughout the world; is on the advisory council for the Tahirih Justice Center’s San Francisco office, and on the Board of iGlow, a Kenya based non profit empowering girls. She is also a Board Member of Women Moving Millions and on the Women’s Leadership Board of the Harvard Kennedy School. Ms. Keare, the mother of three girls, is dedicated to ensuring that all girls have the same rights and freedoms that her daughters enjoy.